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Allynt Solutions is a consulting firm specializing in creating clean and healthy interior environments in commercial buildings. By establishing a baseline analysis of existing conditions in any type of commercial building, Allynt audits all processes, products, and practices related to cleaning and disinfecting and then designs, builds, educates, trains, and provides on-going monitoring services.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Infection Prevention Audits

Utilizing data-driven analytical assessment tools, Allynt Solutions assesses the current performance of a facility. We can compare that performance to industry standards and government mandated requirements / guidelines. This baseline is then used to drive performance improvements, infection prevention, and/or regulatory compliance.

Design & Build

The key to the improvements in the cleanliness and health of any public facility is the development and implementation of a Quality Master Cleaning Plan. The plan will define cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting requirements; measure performance; and make a commitment to continuous improvement.

Educate, Train & Monitor

Quality cleaning  is safe, healthy, and sustainable—and requires the necessary education and training protocols. Allynt Solutions will implement and develop the performance metrics to meet existing legal and regulatory obligations.

On-Going Monitoring

Allynt Solutions provides on-going monitoring to ensure all implemented programs are followed, driving compliance and delivering desired results.

Pandemic Risk Assessment

Test Your
Cleaning IQ

With the dawn of COVID-19, knowing the difference between cleaning terms, processes, and procedures has never been more vital. Answer these five true or false questions to find out what you really know vs. what you think you know. No worries, we won’t tell or grade you!

Let’s start a conversation

Maybe you are wondering if your cleaning and disinfecting program is COVID-19 compliant and/or you realize your staff needs some additional training in proper infection-prevention protocol. Perhaps you could use help designing, implementing, and monitoring a whole new program to ensure your facility is the cleanest, healthiest it can be. Whatever your cleaning program needs, Allynt Solutions can help you accomplish it fast, efficiently, and within budget.

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Our Credentials

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The Certified Master of Infection Prevention for Environmental Services Professionals (CMIP), is a rigorous certificate program designed to help environmental services leaders get in lockstep with infection prevention program.
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Accredited Auditing Professionals (AAP) certifications are structured and designed for empowering an individual to provide a consistent and standard quality assurance audit.
certified sustainable building advisor logo
Certified Sustainable Building Advisors (CSBA) complete a 9-month training program consisting of college level classes designed to provide professionals with a foundation of the need to make our built environment more sustainable.
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“ISSA Certification Experts” (I.C.E) are ready to provide training & consulting services to cleaning organizations interested in complying and preparing to be certified to the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS).
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CPMR or Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative and is certified by the Institute for Professional Advancement (IPA). A CPMR has demonstrated organizational management skills by completing a 3 certification program.