Indoor Environmental Quality Audit

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Control the Spread of Infection At Your Facility

Our goal is to help you control the spread of infection amongst your coworkers and visitors. We accomplish this by measuring the effectiveness of your current cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting protocols against current guidelines. Promote a healthy indoor environment by requesting an in-depth infection prevention audit for your building!

Based in Fact

What to Expect From Your Infection Control Audit

Our accredited infection control consultants will conduct an on-site analysis to assess your staff’s current cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Are they using the right products to effectively kill viruses and bacteria? How often should your staff be cleaning? Allynt Solutions will take everything into consideration when building your comprehensive audit.

We’ll use analytical tools to benchmark your facility’s performance against industry standards, federal and state agency guidelines, and regulations. Once completed, we’ll provide a detailed report to help you:

Our partnership with ISSA members grants us premiere access to industry-leading distributors and manufacturers that provide the best tools to keep your facility clean.

Are you ready to take this important step towards creating a healthier workplace environment? Request your infection prevention audit today!

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