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At Allynt Solutions, we realize not all industries are alike. Each industry has its own unique needs and challenges. That’s why every service we offer is tailored first to your industry, then further customized to achieve your facility’s specific goals.

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A school’s cleanliness has always been important, shown to impact everything from health and concentration to learning and absenteeism—even enrollment and funding. Now, schools at all levels are under added pressure from COVID-19 to ensure the cleanliness of their facilities. This has left many schools, already strained by reduced budgets, lost enrollment, and teacher shortages, scrambling in search of the best methods to protect their greatest assets—their students and teachers—while instilling confidence that the facility is clean and COVID-free in parents, alumni, school boards, and other stakeholders. Adding to the mix is that today’s students continue to demand their educational institutions be more sustainable. Allynt Solutions can help your K-12 school, college, or university:

Looking At 2021 And Beyond


Today’s new work environment means that as building owners and operators, you must remain increasingly vigilant. You need to have a program in place that assures the health of your occupants and meets or exceeds workers’ rights to a clean and healthy work environment as mandated by OSHA. You also must operate as sustainably as possible, which means everything from environmentally preferable product use to recycling to waste management. Allynt Solutions will help you:

Monitor the Health of Your Facility


One out of every 25 hospital patients is affected by an HAI at any given time in the United States. Yet HAIs occur in all types of settings, from acute-care hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers to nursing homes and healthcare clinics. Add to this the pressing concerns over safeguarding against COVID-19, the ongoing need to consistently improve patient satisfaction scores and provide patients and employees with the safest environment possible- all amidst ever-tightening budgets and greater competition among facilities. With so much at stake, how can you be certain your facility’s cleaning program includes all the components necessary to maintain a clean healthcare environment? Allynt Solutions is here to help.

With 26 Certified Masters of Infection Prevention on staff, our team is ready to assist your facility in creating a comprehensive plan to meet all your infection prevention and training objectives.

Our experts will:

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Food Service

The CDC estimates 48 million people get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die from foodborne diseases each year in the United States. These have been primarily a result of illnesses that initiated in the kitchen, which is why food preparation areas have long been a major focus for cleanliness. Since the dawn of COVID-19, however, the “front of the house”—customer seating areas both inside and out—are under more scrutiny as well. As a restaurant owner or operator, you need a comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting program for your entire establishment. From front to back, bar to table, inside to outside, Allynt Solutions can handle every aspect of cleaning your food service establishment. We can help you:

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While masks are great for helping curb the spread of COVID-19, they are not enough. You need to reassure retail workers and customers that yours is a clean environment, especially when you are pitted against the perceived convenience and safety of online shopping with its often free, next-day, contact-free delivery. Adding to this challenge is that poorly trained cleaning personnel who don’t know or follow proper cleaning protocols can actually do more harm than good, resulting in a false sense of security, injuries, and even potential lawsuits. And, of course, there also are the everyday tasks of running your business, which today and tomorrow’s customers want to know you are doing as sustainably as possible! Our Allynt Solutions team can help you create a clean, safe, and healthy environment by:

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